8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:10 am Making a Case for AWP: Advanced Work Packaging: Past, Present & Future

  • Olfa Hamdi Founder & Executive Director, AWP Institute


• Detailing the evolution of AWP, its relationship with productivity and the effect it has had on the industry
• Outlining the principles of AWP
• Discussing executive decisions on AWP: what to look for?

9:00 am Outlining the Roles & Responsibilities of an Owner on an AWP Project to Nurture Collaboration

  • Juan Parra Project Controls Manager, Faithful + Gould


• What is unique about the client EPC relationship in AWP?
• Asserting the importance of early communication between owner and EPC
• Understand what EPCs need from their clients to enhance productivity

10:00 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

10:50 am Panel: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: AWP Lessons Learned

  • Leah Adrian Work Package Coordinator, Zachry Group
  • Olfa Hamdi Founder & Executive Director, AWP Institute


• Hear from those who have utilized AWP and their experiences
• Learn what common pitfalls to avoid with your future AWP projects
• Listen to advice from procurement, engineering and construction, what needs to be done?

11:30 am AWP Insights, Revealing Lessons & Takeaways to Assist Implementation


• Revealing common mistakes and points to consider when embarking upon an AWP project
• Hear a candid account of the pros and cons of AWP
• Assessing how EPCs are adapting to accommodate the demand for Work Packaging

Coordinating Workflows Around AWP

12:10 pm Analyzing the AWP Relationship Between Engineering & Procurement to Assist Smooth Workflow


  • Examining the specific AWP communication needs between engineering and procurement
  • Minimizing transactional waste by understanding the needs of each project partner
  • Emphasizing the dynamics of speed, flow and collaboration across work packages

12:50 pm Networking Lunch

1:50 pm Assessing the Impact of AWP on Coordination Between Engineering & Construction to Identify & Address Potential Weak Spots

  • Ronan Ali Project Controls Manager, RECON Engineering & Construction


  •  Establishing and executing communication goals between engineering and construction
  • Assessing what each party requires to perform optimally
  • Clarifying the need for two-way communication regarding data and schedule impacts

2:30 pm Understanding the Role of the Construction Team & Site Planning on an AWP Project to Offer a Project-Wide Perspective


  • Detailing the boundaries of the construction team’s remit alongside that of the siteplanning team
  • Harnessing the insights and experience of those on-site implementing AWP
  • Outlining the pragmatic impact of construction work area demarcation

3:10 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:40 pm Panel: Defining the Scope of Responsibility of Engineering, Procurement & Construction When Using AWP & Establishing KPIs for Each Silo


  • How is your AWP project performing? Establishing KPIs
  • Defining the boundaries of responsibility for EPCs
  • Understanding where collaboration is needed most and how to facilitate transparent collaboration

4:30 pm Audience Discussion: Defining KPIs & Tracking the Success of AWP


  • How do we track the success of an AWP project? Which KPIs should EPCs and owners adopt?
  • Sharing expectations among project partners
  • Blueprinting effective strategies to measure alignment between procurement and engineering

AWP & Software

5:00 pm Outlining the Vendor Selection Process & Identifying the Key Players to Cut Through the Noisy Tech Marketplace

  • Yogesh Strivastava Co-chair AWP Workface & Planning Committee, Construction Owners Association of Alberta


  • Hearing who is involved in the software procurement process
  • Understanding what factors to consider during the procurement process
  • Benchmarking standards and identifying players in the software market who meet them

5:00 pm End of Day One